Just 3 Steps

Regardless of whether we are talking about individual one-to-one coaching, working with one or more teams or across the organisation, the steps are essentially the same:

1. We have a frank conversation about what led you to get in touch and find out what is most useful to pay attention to now.

2. We agree if and how we will work together and what will be done next. I’ll hold us to that and we’ll execute on our respective parts.

3. We repeat steps 1 and 2. You and your teams and organisation will increasingly see real benefit.

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Curious about the approach?

People, teams and organisations across the world have seen great success doing whatever. That’s great. We can look at and learn from those examples, some might even be relevant to you. We won’t copy them. Your path is different.

Why? Simple: context and timing.

Context: every person is different; your teams and your organisation are different; your market conditions, the challenges you are trying to overcome and goals you are trying to achieve are all different. If they were in a different part of the world you need to overlay the difference of societal and national cultures on top too. Your context is different to theirs.

Timing: now is not then. Whatever they did in their context, the world has moved on. We will always know more tomorrow than we do today. So let’s focus on what’s going on for you now, in your context and go from there, adapting as we progress.

The steps may be as simple and easy as 1-2-3 but the work won’t be. Change is challenging and can be uncomfortable: you’ve got to want and be committed to it.

Even some of the most successful people are initially nervous at this point. It’s understandable. It’s why we start with just one conversation. After that conversation it needs to be a clear yes from both of us to progress otherwise it’s a no / not yet.

After all, let’s be totally honest here, neither of us knows exactly where this will end up – but I’m pretty confident that wherever that is, it’ll be a better place than you’re in now.

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