Hello! Kia ora!


SimpleRichard is the vehicle that I set up over 10 years ago through which I offered my services. In May 2014 I took up the role of Agile Practice Lead for Xero after finding a powerful alignment of purpose, culture and values. I moved back to freelance work again in September 2017.

In 2014 I “parked” SimpleRichard and instead, to stay connected while at Xero, I joined the Nomad8 tribe – a loose collective of wonderful and smart people who I love to hang out with. I now offer my services through Nomad8. I guide people, teams and organisations as they explore Lean, Agile and adaptive practices as well as areas such as Holacracy for which I have been an accredited coach – though officially now expired. I’m also a member of the Happy Melly network and Management 3.0 for which I have also been a facilitator. I don’t care much about any specific framework or method – I care more about the context and increasing effectiveness in the problem-space we find ourselves.

This is a very cut-down version of the previous SimpleRichard full site and it contains the essence of my take on an approach to work. My focus is to slice through the noise in our complex day to day environments and bring calm, simplicity and awareness to the fore. Understand purpose, agree common values and principles and deliver the work that adds the most value with alignment across the enterprise: simple! (but you know what they say about simple and easy, right?)

Get serious about engagement. Our workplaces should be full of enthusiasm and joy. Every person should be able to contribute to their greatest potential – and then be supported to self-develop along their own path and contribute even more. I see no reason why this can’t be the reality of our work environments.

So how’s your organisation? Happy with all your practices? Are your customers so delighted that they not only repeat purchase but are also your strongest sales team? Are your teams highly engaged and motivated? Are those team members your best recruiters? If not, why not – and what are you doing about it?

There is so much to do – have you noticed? We need to wake up our workplaces! We need to re-imagine what work is and can be. SimpleRichard can’t do that for you – but perhaps I can help you start to do it for yourselves and that’s far more sustainable. While I don’t pretend to know the answers, I am restlessly curious and love providing support to co-create experiments and solutions with those who are prepared to try new things.

More? Feel free to contact me via Nomad8. My profile is on LinkedIn (but I’m a bit crap at checking it as there is so much spam) and I fire off occasionally on Twitter.